The Master Change Management Framework

Your Blueprint to Leading Successful Change

Are you the unsung hero of change in your organization?

You've been thrust into the eye of the storm, tasked with navigating through the relentless pace of change. You're the one they turn to when the waters get choppy, the one expected to right the ship when the winds of change blow fiercely off course.

Welcome to the Masterclass of Change.

Dr. Mary Barnes brings you The Master Change Management Framework – a no-nonsense, comprehensive guide to becoming the change leader your organization doesn't just want, but desperately needs.

What's Inside:

  • Leadership Growth: Forge your path as a change agent, with the grit and grace to lead.

  • Strategic Planning: Craft and tailor change plans that actually work – no cookie-cutter fluff.

  • Managing Up: Command the room and guide your leaders to back you up, every step of the way.

  • Cost-Effective Help: Keep that precious institutional knowledge in-house while getting the support you need.

Your Toolkit Awaits:

Self-Assessments, exercises, and downloads - everything at your fingertips to enact change that sticks.

Proven and Tested:

A framework that's been through the trenches, refined by decades of real-world triumphs in the most demanding organizations.

This is Your Moment:

For just $29, step into your role as a Master Change Agent. Your digital copy is ready to hit your inbox, so you can start reshaping your world today.


You'll receive The Master Change Agent Framework digital book,

the audiobook, a digital workbook companion, and the DIY online change audit.

Here's a Look at What You'll

Discover When You Get Your Digital

Copy of The Master Change Agent Framework...

  • How We Customize Change Interventions for our clients to ensure a successful transformation every time.

  • Case-Study Examples showing you how we use this framework in our change consulting business.

  • The Exact Framework We Follow to design change interventions for clients - everything from assessment through sustaining the change.

  • Creating Powerful Authority as a Change Leader - Learn how to become an internal change authority quickly, leveraging your strengths and gaining the trust of top leadership.

  • How We Solve the Five Most Common Problems change agents face when leading change.

  • The Ten Elements That Indicate Readiness to Change - These readiness assessment factors help make sure the whole organizational system is ready to support the change.

  • The Top Six Questions You Need to Answer Before Starting a Change

  • The #1 Problem with Change Management and how to solve it.

  • How to Be The Leader the Change Needs

  • Practical Steps to Take to Customize the Change Plan because every organization and every change is different and needs a custom approach to be successful

  • How to "Manage Up" and Teach Top Leadership how to be the executive sponsor you need for a successful change effort.

  • Ways to Leverage the Organizational Systems to reinforce the change and make the behavior change more effortless.

  • Top Tips on Building Your Change Team including when to hire outside help and how to build a hybrid (internal and consultant) team.

  • And, much more!

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The Master Change Management

Framework Audiobook

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Management Framework when you're on the go.

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Bonus #2:

Digital Workbook Companion

Put the tips and tools into action immediately.

Templates, tools, and a cloud-based haven to craft your change plan. It's not just about reading; it's about doing. And it's included.

Go From No Plan to a Fully Customized Change Plan...

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Bonus #3:

DIY Change Audit

Assess your current or planned change to identify any risks or gaps that could negatively impact a successful implementation.

Our proprietary online assessment tool, now in your hands. Spot the gaps, assess the risks, and get ahead of the game. Yours, at no extra cost.

Use the audit framework we use to audit change efforts using our online audit tool... INCLUDED FOR FREE

Get The Master Change Agent Framework + All Bonuses

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  • A Digital Copy of The Master Change Agent Framework

  • The Full, Unabridged Audiobook

  • A Digital Workbook Companion

  • DIY Online Change Audit

Ready to Lead the Charge?

You'll receive The Master Change Agent Framework digital book,

the audiobook, a digital workbook companion, and the DIY online change audit.

Your organization isn't just changing. It's evolving. And so are you.

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